The Frank Beech Toy Shop

The Frank Beech Toy Shop in Holywell, Wales UK opened in the 1940’s and closed in 2009. Set in an idyllic Welsh seaside town, the shop had been in business for just over 60 years. The store sold many name brand toys familiar to collectors, Dinky, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Action Man (the UK equivalent of GI Joe) and Star Wars among others. While in business any unsold and outdated stock was kept and quietly tucked in the stockroom and attic.

Following its closure, the store sat untouched for 6 years. Then in 2014 the owners contracted with an auctioneer to sell off the contents of the shop. The first auction began in April 2014. News of the find and the potential value of the toys had been all over the news in the UK.

During this auction I won 4 lots of old Hot Wheels toy cars, still in the original Mattel Rosebud packages produced from 1968-1970. There were 29 packages in total. It was a significant investment, but to me the combination of the story and the item was worth the price.

Below are a few photos of the shop. It’s location in the UK and the cars I won at auction. The condition of the packaging wasn’t the best; the building was damp and some of the cardboard packaging had been compromised.