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I've been a car aficionado since I was a kid in the late 1960's. My passion evolved from toy cars, to model cars, and then to full-sized muscle cars. However as the obligations of adulthood and career required more time, my automobile interests moved to the back burner. After a twenty year hiatus, the spark was re-ignited with the birth of my sons. Today I continue to find enjoyment in these die-cast models from days past. This site is a showcase of my private collection. I hope you enjoy the visit.

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Do you have a collection of well-kept toy cars from your childhood, a cache of old store stock, or a group of unopened Hot Wheels packages from 1968-1972 you wish to sell? If so, please use the Contact form to get in touch. For help understanding the condition of your cars, visit my Condition Calculator page. I look forward to hearing from you.


I am currently focused on diecast Mattel Hot Wheels toys from the first year of production (1968). While the cars in my collection aren't all mint, I enjoy the challenge to continually improve the condition of each model in the many colors and variations produced back in 1968.